The Empire Podcast Live

The Empire Podcast launched in 2012 when four Empire writers huddled around a microphone and waffled about films for an hour. Since then, over 200 weekly episodes have been recorded – not to mention the hugely popular ‘spoiler specials’ – interviewing everyone from Robert De Niro to Meryl Streep and David Hasselhoff, clocking up over 13 million plays along the way.

For a special one-off evening, our crack team of podcasters will escape the confines of their regular pod booth and record an episode live, in front of an audience of enthusiastic Empire readers. The tried-and-tested format will go unchanged: a panel of Empire writers answering readers' question with the utmost seriousness (maybe), dissecting the week’s movie news, reviewing the latest releases, and welcoming a celebrity guest or two. Expect in-depth movie geekery, terrible puns, and ‘bangily-bangs’ galore.

This event takes place at 1.30-3.30pm on Saturday, 24 September.