Don’t Look Back

Whether you love Dylan, are indifferent to him or, frankly, think he was always a bit overrated on The Magic Roundabout, the great folk and rock superstar makes a compelling subject for this 1967 documentary. This classic doc is a meeting of talents from different mediums – director D.A Pennebaker was breaking new ground with his fly-on-the-dressing-room-wall approach to Dylan’s ’66 tour of England; the singer was 23 and already blowing minds – and its new Criterion 4K restoration offers the perfect excuse to revisit it. Full of classic Dylan cuts (look out for the origins of his iconic cue-card-scattering video for Subterranean Homesick Blues), plus plenty of rare footage of the curly-bonced troubadour away from the stage.

This screening is presented by Criterion Collection – one of three to be hosted by the cinephile’s favourite.

This event takes place at 5.15-6.50pm on Sunday, 25 September.