My Scientology Movie Preview

Few organisations are more intriguing than the Church Of Scientology. Set up by struggling science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard – who famously said, “If you want to get rich, you start a religion,” then set up a religion and got rich – its reputation is one of dubious ethics and being an institution that you do not want to cross.

Step forward Louis Theroux, who decided to ignore all that and make a documentary. A decade-long project, it’s an attempt to explore Scientology from the inside and make a human connection with its members. When his requests were repeatedly ignored, he improvised — inspired by the organisation’s own secret filming techniques (which it reportedly uses to spy on dissenters and former members) and aided by people who’ve escaped the Church’s clutches, he made the film anyway.

This event takes place at 3-4.45pm on Sunday, 25 September. 

My Scientology Movie will be released in cinemas on Friday 7th October.