The Greasy Strangler Preview with Director Q&A

It doesn’t matter how many films you see this year, we’ll wager The Greasy Strangler will be the weirdest. What other film features a middle-aged virgin living with his homicidal father? And what other film involves that homicidal father lathering himself in fat before going on his kill-sprees? And where else would that fat-lathered killer also expose his giant penis at every opportunity? Nowhere else — that’s where.

And why did the director make these creative choices? Well, after you’ve seen the film, you’ll have the opportunity to ask him. Jim Hosking will be in attendance to answer any and all questions you may have about his debut movie. And we have no doubt you’ll have a lot. Such as, “Was it entirely necessary to see the penis so often?” And, “Did you really have to make the prosthetic so big?”

This event takes place at 9.30-11.35pm on Saturday, 24 September. 

The Greasy Strangler will be released in cinemas on Friday 7th October.