Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards with Q&A

If ever an episode of television threw down the gauntlet to big-budget cinema it was The Battle of The Bastards. The most exhilarating episode in the best season of the biggest show on television, this is Game of Thrones at its very best. It was the episode where Daenerys introduced the Masters of Astapor to the business end of her dragons. More importantly, though, it was the episode where Jon Snow lead a ragtag band of Starks, Mormonts and Wildlings against the might of Ramsay Bolton in a muddy, bloody, brutal mêlée the likes of which the small screen had never seen before. We’ll be re-enacting the battle for Winterfell at Empire Live with a special screening of the episode in all its gory glory. It’ll be just like you were actually there, only with fewer dead horses and missing limbs.

We'll be joined after the screening by special guests for a Q&A, more news to follow...

This event takes place at 9-10.30pm on Saturday, 24 September. 

Courtesy of Sky Atlantic and HBO.