Pixar Shorts

It's 20 years since Pixar released its first short, Luxo Jr., a timeless tale of two Anglepoise lamps and one ill-fated bouncing ball. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a mini-marathon of all the animation house’s shorts, from Luxo Jr. to Its latest, the seaside-set Piper? Empire Live will be screening all Pixar’s original shorts in one 89-minute binge of the most charming, lovingly-crafted short-form animations imaginable. it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on recent shorts you might have missed, like Sanjay’s Super Team and The Blue Umbrella, rediscover old favourites and see where it all began for John Lasseter and his merry band of animation geniuses. There’s 17 films in total and not a duffer among them. See them all on the big screen in Empire Live’s feast of purest Pixarness.

Full list of films:

Luxo Jr.
Red’s Dream
Tin Toy
Knick Knack
Geri’s Game
For The Birds
One Man Band
Partly Cloudy
Day & Night
La Luna
The Blue Umbrella
Sanjay’s Super Team

This event takes place at 1.30-3pm on Sunday, 25 September.