This Is England

Believe it or not, it’s been a decade since Shane Meadows first assembled a ragtag group of misfits from the East Midlands area and crafted one of the most vibrant, powerful and often shocking British films in recent memory. Shaun, Woody, Lol, Milky and Combo have all since become a de facto family, both on and off the screen, and a familiar sight to millions; multiple TV spin-offs have cemented their status as a sort of unconventional British institution. But it’s the 2006 film where it all began: hailed for its bold and painfully honest window on 1980s Britain, the divisions laid bare and stark. The clashes between alternative skinhead culture and its more extreme racist fringe has lost none of its impact since release — neither, for that matter, has its killer soundtrack. This 10th anniversary screening may have some very special guests in attendance – keep your eyes peeled on the Empire Live website for more details.

This event takes place at 6.15-8.25pm on Saturday, 24 September.