Jason Isaacs - My Movie Mastermind

We’re big fans of Jason Isaacs in the Empire offices. While he’s played some of the most enduring screen villains out there – Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, an awful British colonel in The Patriot, Captain Hook in Peter Pan – in real life he’s one of the most charming and funny celebrities that Blighty has ever produced. But one big question remains: how well does he know his own films? To find out, we’re subjecting him to Empire’s My Movie Mastermind quiz, live on stage in front of an audience – so no pressure – to test how well he remembers his own career. With 105 credits to his name on IMDB and a career that now spans three decades, we hope he’s revising already. Come along and find out if Isaacs remembers the hard facts of his career as well as he remembers the hilarious anecdotes about his co-stars.

This event takes place 3.45pm - 4.30pm on Sunday 25th September